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Buyer Job Description

Job Summary Buyer Job Description

Will be responsible for maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of operational and procurement service activities, through the implementation of electronic automated frameworks, managed contracts, catalogues utilised by colleagues.

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The Buyer will ensure compliance with legislation, policies, procedures and service levels.

A main purpose of the Buyer’s role is to provide a direct contribution to the delivery of the Category Plans as set out by the Head of Procurement Services whilst ensuring that the organisation receives a proactive procurement service.

Key responsibilities-Buyer Job Description

• Utilise the eTendering and eProcurement systems.

• Ensure catalogues are uploaded on to the eProcurement system and are up to date.

• Provide day-to-day purchasing services in accordance with procurement policies, procedures and service level agreements.

• Facilitate value for money procurement

• Support the Head of Procurement Services in the negotiation and management of strategic contracts as required.

• Maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of the Procurement Service activities.

The Buyer will be responsible for ensuring:

• Implementation of the appropriate Category Plan

• Integrated and seamless service delivery.

• High levels of customer care, communication and feedback.

• Efficient deployment of resources.

• Compliance with legislation.

• The organisation receives a responsive proactive procurement service.

• The effectiveness and efficiency of procurement service activities is maximised.

• Procurement actions optimise the economies of scale and best value.

The Buyer will also be responsible for developing and implementing robust processes and procedures to ensure that operational activities are carried out in a structured, professional and customer focused manner. Stakeholder feedback will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of services provided.

Providing a proactive, responsive procurement service to all customers is key, as well as establishing, promoting and maintaining effective relationships.

Buyers will be expected to deputise for each other as required and work flexibly across Strategic Procurement Group (SPG’s) to meet the demands of the business, and to support other areas of the department as work requirements vary.


Overall Purpose of the Role

• The role holder:

-Will have practical working knowledge of the systems, processes and procedures across a section or area of work

-Will plan and prioritise own work and may be required to supervise the work of others and monitor progress within agreed objectives ensuring the effective use of resources

-Will be expected to contribute to longer term developments within the department such as implementing improvements to working methods, policies and procedures

-May have detailed knowledge of specialist systems and/or a broad understanding of a wide range of activities. This knowledge is gained by extensive practical experience and/or through formal instruction

-The work requires the use of initiative and judgement on how to address and resolve problems with minimal guidance and instructions from senior colleagues.

Main Work Activities


• Undertake supplier negotiations agreeing prices, specifications and deliveries of goods and services.

• Interpret legislative and statutory requirements to ensure compliance with the procurement policies and financial regulations.

• Assemble and distribute procurement documentation to internal and external community.


• Develop and promote a good working relationship with the Procurement Team

• Adopt a partnership approach with the Procurement Team to generate improved systems and processes.

Liaison and Networking

• Establish, promote and maintain effective relationships, and work collaboratively, with staff at all levels, and with external organisations, in order to deliver a Procurement service.

• Attend regional or national meetings if required.

Service Delivery

• Responsible for the day-to-day management of the Category Plans.

• Provide proactive, responsive procurement services in terms of required purchases using the eTendering and eProcurement systems or other external systems, initiating eAuctions where it is of value to do so.

• Undertake mini competitions within Authority Limits.

• Approve non catalogue purchases within Authority Limits once procurement has been undertaken, or where competition has not been required.

• Ensure that catalogues are up to date at all times and non-catalogue items are removed.

• Maintain the eTendering and eProcurement systems.

• Respond proactively to customer enquiries

• Issue stakeholder feedback as and when required.

• Ensure that corporate, social and environmentally responsible issues are considered in all procurement activities undertaken.

• Differentiating between non-transactional and transactional requisitioning, prioritising accordingly and actioning or delegating where appropriate.

• Expedite purchase orders on a regular basis and deal with any invoice queries in the eProcurement system on a daily basis.

• Review current processes and identify opportunities to aggregate procurement to improve value for money.

• Undertake a continual review of systems and procedures being utilised and identify any areas where efficiency or effectiveness can be improved.

• Undertake in depth contract negotiations in respect of strategic wide contracts and tenders, irrespective of value, to maximise economies of scale and value for money.

• Manage the day to day activities within the category areas for which you are responsible to ensure best practice is adopted at all times.

• Arrange, prepare and present annual information to suppliers at supplier development days or supplier events.

• Undertake regular contract reviews with the contracted suppliers and ensure contracts deliver against requirements and continually improve.

• Identify new contracts to be implemented and appropriate timescales for implementation.

• Ensure compliance with all legislative and statutory requirements in order to comply with the procurement policy and financial regulations

Planning and Organisation

• Support end-users in eProcurement system utilisation and ensure courses are arranged in appropriate timescales, and training delivered as required.

• Maintain a comprehensive timetabled work plan relating to all procurement activities.

Analysis/Data Inputting

• Record savings and benefits achieved on a monthly basis under the benefits methodology framework.

• Undertake an annual spend analysis and report findings to inform category plans.

• Monitor the performance of contractors using qualitative and quantitative analysis.

• Evaluating and summarising tender responses proposing the preferred supplier route.

Knowledge and Experience-Buyer Job Description-

Knowledge and Experience

  • Educated to CIPS level 5 or equivalent as a minimum, or actively working towards.

  • Experienced in procurement within the sector

  • A good understanding of the areas affecting corporate, social and environmental responsibility within procurement.

  • An understanding of organisational financial regulations and procurement policies.

  • Ability to use a wide range of IT systems and experience in using eProcurement systems.

  • Demonstrate successful achievement in the procurement environment from sourcing to contract placement.

  • Committed to continuing professional and technical development.

Communication (Oral and Written)

  • Can demonstrate the ability to provide information in a suitable format so that the others’ needs are met and adjusts the level of content to help others understand.

  • Teamwork and Motivation

  • Can demonstrate the ability to delegate work to others and/or help to build co-operation to deliver team results.

  • Liaison and Networking

  • Can demonstrate the ability to make contact with others to ensure that information is exchanged and circulated appropriately to the right person at the right time.

Service Delivery

Can demonstrate the ability to seek ways to improve and adjust current levels of service. Deals with complaints and initiates contact with customers to obtain their reactions and views about the service and future needs.

Planning and Organisation

Can demonstrate the ability to ensure that the work is carried out effectively and that resources are available to meet demand. Identifies the need for further action and resources by monitoring progress.

Initiative and Problem Solving

Can demonstrate the ability to use initiative to recognise problems and offer solutions.


Can demonstrate the ability to identify and use a range of data, with the ability to combine various data types to produce reports and perform basic analysis.

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