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Delivery Manager Job Description

Job purpose-Delivery Manager Job Description

To work together with a business or product owner to deliver one or more projects; deliver expected outcomes and meet stakeholder expectations within the brief and constraints of time, cost, scope and quality; and to use appropriate approaches and techniques for the project.

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Project management applies in different domains e.g. IT, digital, construction, business process, broadcast engineering. Projects may stand alone, be part of a programme, and/or a product lifecycle.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities-Delivery Manager Job Description

Manage one or more projects, a sequence of projects or lead a workstream within a programme.

Responsible for project delivery and selecting suitable frameworks and techniques (e.g. iterative and incremental, or sequential).

Typical indicators at this level are:

• A repeatable project approach, delivering a specific capability, outcome or target;

• A project or series of projects approx. 6-18 months in duration;

• Financial or staff to a budget of £1-2m, and a staffing level of 6+ (including third parties).

Approach and planning

• Work with business or product owner and stakeholders to establish project objectives.

• Establish with the owner the options and appropriate approach for delivery.

• Ensure common clarity of scope, good estimating, solution development and management of risk.

• Produce and manage day-to-day progress against a detailed plan (e.g. project management plan) and schedule/roadmap.

• Make effective use of lessons learnt to deliver efficiently.

• Mobilise a project team and establish the organisation structure.

• Plan timely reviews/retrospectives and put in place the lessons.


• Manage the project within agreed scope, time, cost and quality constraints.

• Identify, track and manage progress, risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies, interdependencies and changes of projects.

• Make effective use of reporting, communication and escalation (when outside agreed constraints).

• Manage people (including third parties) and other resources.

• Ensure all expenditure (or activity) is accounted for and reconciled to budget/plan. Provide forecast to complete or value returned to inform decision making.

• Ensure adherence to relevant company policies and standards. Including project management, health and safety, financial, legal, technology and other compliance requirements.

Approvals, Governance and Benefits

• Contribute to and produce the relevant documentation (e.g. Business Case) to secure investment (if required) or resource allocation.

• Conduct timely oversight forums (e.g. project board, product direction group). Provide management information to senior stakeholders and other relevant governance forums.

• Where required, put in place benefits realisation plan, and handover to business owners.

Stakeholders, Change, and Communication

• Work with stakeholders to establish scope, critical success factors, deliverables, outcomes and benefits. Ensure understanding of the impact of any trade-offs and decisions by relevant stakeholders.

• Plan and manage stakeholder communication to achieve engagement.

• Build relationships with stakeholders, fostering innovation, effective working and address issues.

• Plan and complete change management activities (e.g. training, communications) to ensure business adoption.

Knowledge, skills, training and experience-Delivery Manager Job Description


• Experience managing projects/workstreams to successful outcomes.

• Experience in leading teams, problem solving, progress monitoring, managing risk and budget or resource.

• Working knowledge of the project lifecycle including selection of appropriate methodologies and techniques for delivery.

• Understanding of the drivers of success and sources of risk for the project domain.

• Motivated, with ability to empower teams and colleagues to focus on achieving goals.

• Excellent communication (spoken, written, listening), social and influencing skills. Ability to bridge domain specialism and business through user-friendly language.

• Able to manage difficult stakeholders and deliver in ambiguous, fast-changing and complex environments.

• Knowledge of relevant legislation and procedures for the domain. For example: procurement, contract management, environment, and health and safety.

• Demonstrable professional development with a recognised project management qualification or equal experience (e.g. PRINCE2, APMP, Agile certification).

• Microsoft Office software skills and experience using data to make it meaningful for different audiences.

• Experience of project management and collaboration tools (e.g. MS project, JIRA, Register).


• Excels at delivery in a fast-changing, diverse and complicated environment.

• Understands organisational transformation challenges and how to operate in this context.

• Has managed at least three projects with a budget of c£50k+ and staffing of three or more people.

• Knowledge of the sector.

• Understanding of traditional and new technologies used in digital environments.

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