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Digital Product Lead Job Description

Job Summary-Digital Product Lead Job Description

Digital Product Lead Job Description to ensure that the needs and expectations of users are created, providing products that enhance and streamline the experience. The role holder will be responsible for key areas of the development of public and internal-facing digital products and services which will contribute directly to Strategy. The post-holder will be deeply involved in all digital product activity in the Division.

Main Responsibilities-Digital Product Lead Job Description

• Have responsibility for the various product roadmaps across all of our digital products and services, making sure that a full suite of products is developed in a co-ordinated way that delivers the maximum value as rapidly as practical to our user base.

• Manage allocation of digital resources to support product development activity.

• Work with other divisions and departments to make sure that our work co-ordinates with their backlogs and roadmaps, making sure that we are all hitting the same strategic objectives. This will require handling many different projects at different stages at any one time and include advising and assisting colleagues, and others on processes or systems whilst coordinating activities to meet objectives.

• Provide strategic direction for approach to product development, working within

Communications Division and across the business to make sure that we are adopting good practice. Have a detailed operational knowledge of the functionality and

capability of our products in order to advise on, direct and contribute to a wide range of activities in the division.

• Work with the Head of Product to develop and manage our overall product roadmaps, determining where we should best focus our efforts to deliver high quality products and services to our users.

• Engage with the broader product development community and be aware of best-practice approaches and tools. Identify, manage and deliver new ways of working to ensure resources are effectively allocated to support strategic objectives, liaising and disseminating information within and between departments to facilitate the exchange of information for effective working.

For given products under your direct control;

• Shape and lead the product roadmap, including formulating and prioritising the product backlog in line with user needs and organisational strategy. Continually use data and user research to evaluate the success of product features, including preparing a range of reports and other statistical analyses to put forward recommendations to facilitate the interpretation of specific issues. Provide specialist advice and recommendations in line with the Strategy to support informed decision making.

• As part of the product backlog activity, collate user needs, develop user stories and create detailed functional requirements.

• Order the product backlog to make sure that the effort of the delivery team creates the most value for end users.

• Understand and work with the constraints of the organisation to assess where the structures, resources, and processes may affect the way we deliver value. Make judgements as to the most appropriate way to get products delivered.

• Continually review and assess the success of the product / service and respond accordingly. Contribute to service improvement discussions and annual plans for the division.

• Work with resource schedules to develop realistic delivery timelines.

• Work directly with the delivery team to develop a joint understanding of what’s important to get the right thing made, and to make sure that any barriers or blockers are identified and addressed.

• Understand how the product fits within the overall product strategy & ecosystem. Use this understanding in the creation of the product roadmap.

• Build and maintain relationships with stakeholders inside and outside the business.

• Produce user documentation and training relevant to the product.

• Lead user testing with relevant stakeholders.

• Conduct user and market research, including with other higher education institutions and private sector best practices.

• Responsible for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Quality Assurance (QA).

• Responsible for managing the product service desk, including resolving and triaging with excellent customer service.

Knowledge Skills Experience and Qualifications-Digital Product Lead Job Description

Knowledge and experience:

Planning and delivering product improvements using industry-standard tools and techniques. Managing backlogs and roadmaps, balancing priorities and dependencies, and mitigating risks.

Conducting user research using continuous discovery practices and translating user needs into tangible outcomes.

Excellent understanding of web technologies and the digital platform environments required to ensure functionality, reliability, data integrity and security.

Ability to have productive discussions with technical teams and understand technical estimates, implications, and trade-offs.

Experience with user experience design, including creating and providing feedback on wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Configuring analytics dashboards and reports, identifying patterns and trends, and sharing data insights to guide future product development.


Writing high-level product requirement documents and feature specifications suitable for technical implementation.

Presenting digital product concepts and progress updates to stakeholders of varying seniorities and technical familiarity.

Initiative and problem solving:

Proactively identify and deliver on areas for improvement, for example gaps in product functionality, the product development process itself, or opportunities for training and support.

Navigating complex organisational structures and governance approval processes.

Liaison and networking:

Building effective relationships and influencing without direct authority across a busy, decentralised organisation.

Participate in digital industry events, keeping up to date with digital product trends and advances

Service delivery:

Supporting the end-to-end customer experience through an iterative product feedback cycle.

Troubleshooting technical issues reported and liaising with the development team to prioritise fixes and solutions.

Identifying opportunities and creating resources to support and engage users, including product documentation and delivering workshops, trainings, and/or demos.

Decision making:

Balancing advocating for your ideas and remaining open-minded to different or opposing views.

Discerning when and how to challenge assertively, yet being able to “disagree and commit”.

Backing up ideas with data and ensuring product direction decisions support organisational strategic objectives

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