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Financial Analyst Job Description

Job Summary-Financial Analyst Job Description

To analyse and manage financial and business operations to support strategic objectives. The Financial Analyst will be responsible for delivering financial information services to the business, ensuring that managers have the information that they require to deliver the highest quality and most appropriate services. In addition they will ensure that high quality analysis is available to support the delivery of key performance targets, supporting the finance and corporate functions with many of their reporting needs.

This role will be instrumental in supporting the development & delivery of the financial reporting provision, dealing with costing, planning, forecasting and various sources of Income data across sites. The post holder will act as the champion for financial reporting working with the finance business partners to provide informatics support and analysis.

The Financial Analyst Job Description will be responsible for ensuring that financial reporting is aligned to the latest available guidance, and provide analytical support and consultation during the development of financial improvement schemes and business cases. The post holder will work closely with the finance senior leadership team & business partners.

Main Responsibilities-Financial Analyst Job Description

· Responsible for the delivery of financial information services to a significant part of the business, ensuring that managers have the information that they require to deliver the highest quality and most appropriate services.

· Development & maintenance of financial key performance indicators.

· Proactive input into annual and long-term financial plans, supporting Finance Business Partners with relevant and accurate analysis to produce a coherent, realistic financial representation of activity.

· Development of predictive forecasting methodologies to better inform financial planning, short term forecasting etc.

· Responsible for ensuring that high quality information analysis is available to support the delivery of service improvements within the finance department.

· Responsible for the day to day management, including recruitment, appraisal, discipline, training and career development of any posts within the team, as well as providing support as a subject matter expert to those in the wider informatics function.

· Support the ongoing development of the Financial Information Management Strategy. Support the development of an ‘information culture’.

· Communicates conclusions drawn from, and implications of results from statistical and performance analyses to a wide range of internal and external staff, guiding them on a certain, course of action whilst conveying complex analytical concepts clearly as well as the development and delivery of formal, complex analytical presentations to large groups.

· Possesses in-depth specialist knowledge of information analysis and the use of information through degree or equivalent plus additional specialist knowledge acquired through training and relevant experience to degree level or equivalent.

· Analyses, investigates and resolves complex analytical queries and issues, where there is a range of solutions/ analyses, and interprets and resolves highly complex statistical/information problems where there is no precedent or where leading opinions may conflict.

· Project management/prepares plans/strategies for information aspects of business area; contributes to planning and formulation of strategies for the development of the service.

· Proposes changes to and redesigns statistical, information and local managerial policies and procedures which have an impact on other areas.

· Responsible for office equipment used /authorizes time sheets for staff, travel expenses.

· Responsible for all aspects of information management within the finance department, including the quality of data captured, and the provision of information to support the planning, operation and performance management of the finance department.

·Regularly undertakes surveys, audits or research to support service development, for example through the audit of data quality; the development of new data collection systems, as well as the introduction of new methodologies for the analysis and/or interpretation of data.

· As team manager, works to achieve agreed objectives and is given freedom to do this in own way working within broad professional or organizational policies.

· May use a computer for large part of the working day; likely to attend meetings throughout the working week, requiring concentration when analysing information, writing reports, answering customer queries, and will need to concentrate for long periods when undertaking complex data analysis.

· Deals with staff performance issues, project performance issues, will be office based requiring standard keyboard skills.

Knowledge Experience Qualifications-Financial Analyst Job Description


  • At least 3 years experience of undertaking analysis of data to support business decision making using large data sets.

  • At least 3 years experience

  • Supervisory / Staff management experience

  • Training and mentoring of junior staff.


  • Able to exercise initiative and work independently to achieve objectives within deadlines.

  • Excellent communication skills.

  • Able to manage the demands of delivering a high-quality service to client base, whilst maintaining a close professional relationship with the wider information service.

  • A high level of interpersonal skills.

  • The ability to plan, prioritise and delegate Efficiently.

  • Able to work and concentrate in a busy and demanding environment.

  • Delivery of presentations.

  • Using Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract datasets for analysis

  • Experience using Power BI / Qlikview / Analysis Services to deliver reporting.


General understanding of key developments shaping the financial agenda

Information and data modelling concepts

Data Standards and terminology including datasets.

Knowledge of Lean analysis techniques and statistical methods.

Knowlegde of project management methodologies.


A Degree or equivalent level qualification and/or experience.

Informatics qualification/membership such as APHA

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