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Head of Digital Marketing Job Description

Job Purpose-Head of Digital Marketing Job Description

The Head of Digital Marketing will provide strategic vision and leadership for the development, utilisation and ongoing optimisation of the digital marketing and engagement channels and platforms - including its website (CMS), CRM system, mobile applications, digital acquisition channels (including SEO), and social media.

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They will be responsible for ensuring the delivery of stimulating and innovative digital experiences to all prospect and stakeholder audiences and across/between all platforms. They will ensure these experiences provide a catalyst in delivering the business objectives and are effectively mapped against these. These include the increase of the business reputation and reach, and broader stakeholder engagement.

Crucially, they will ensure the experiences on platforms are reported on and refined on

an ongoing basis, embedding a culture whereby the digital marketing team provide proactive recommendations and expertise to business areas on best practice and potential improvements and work with these areas to co-deliver them.

The Head of Digital Marketing will ensure that these recommendations are underpinned by both internal data and innovative sector/wider approaches and developments in relation to digital marketing. In doing so, they will play an essential role in supporting the business brand, strategy and its communication – they will embed the utilisation of digital metrics to influence product development.

They will work across the business to ensure complex information and ideas can be brought to life on the most appropriate channels for targeted stakeholder groups and that business areas are appropriately equipped and supported in doing this.

The role will have a particular emphasis on web and digital transformation, and will be

required to balance projects to re-platform core web and CRM systems with the

requirement to deliver day-to-day digital marketing direction and support to the business.

Key Responsibilities-Head of Digital Marketing Job Description

Strategic development

• Lead on the development of the strategic approach to digital channel management, steering best practice in the area of digital user experience and content and that all channels work seamlessly together as part of this experience.

• Utilise industry and out of sector best practice in digital marketing, along with

data analytics to drive all digital marketing activity, and to secure buy-in to

approaches from stakeholders.

• Oversee the development of approaches to web, CRM and social media which

align with the overarching strategic approach to channels, and which recognise

the role each plays in the delivery of objectives.

• Develop frameworks to ensure the most appropriate and effective use of

channels and the appropriate development and maintenance of content, ensuring

models of delivery across channels which recognises audience, message and

required outcome.

• Embed governance models to ensure highly effective quality assurance

mechanisms for content across channels, with the ability to devolve content

delivery in a hub and spoke model and lead communities of experts to share

best practice in digital channel use.

• Oversee the development of processes in relation to the execution of digital

marketing initiatives, and streamlining and making efficiencies where possible

to ensure resource is maximised.

• Managing strategic relationships with external agencies and partners

responsible for the delivery of digital platforms and supporting them.

Digital performance management

• Leading on the development of a reporting framework for all digital channels which

provides regular updates on channel effectiveness against agreed KPIs and

provides recommendations for improvement.

• Ensuring a shared understanding across all marketing and communications

teams of the channels driving traffic to the website, engagement through the

website and empower the digital marketing team to provide proactive

recommendations for improvement.

• Optimising performance across all digital channels including paid search, social

media and SEO.

• Commissioning and evaluating primary customer research, digital insight projects

and utilising competitor data and ensuring dissemination and related actions

across the business.

• Enhance the use of analytics tools and the embedding of measurable

objectives/KPIs and optimisation of activity around these across all digital

channels and within all business areas.

• Ensure compliance with external legislation and regulation across all digital

channels, and that any changes to this are implemented, and specifically

accessibility standards and GDPR and CMA requirements.

Online brand management

• Work alongside brand and creative team to ensure consistency of messaging across

all digital channels.

• Ensure quality of message and use of the agreed tone of voice is embedded in the

best practice networks led by the digital team, including dissemination of best

practice in how to deliver on different channels.

• Ensure quality of user experience including monitoring and management of

misspellings, broken links etc.

• Facilitate adherence and implementation of appropriate brand messages through

the development of appropriate digital sign-off processes which are embedded in

channels and systems.

Digital innovation management and transformation

• Leading the ongoing development of the external websites and related web platforms, taking the role of system ‘product owner’.

• Continually monitoring the external environment in relation to digital

marketing technology and bringing forwards proposed enhancements to the

marketing-focussed digital landscape as part of a joined up digital

technology roadmap.

Social media management

• Lead the development, adoption and stewardship of social media within the

business, with a view of raising awareness and driving greater levels of


• Provide consultation to colleagues in appropriate strategies and tactics to

engage audiences in a social media space.

• Install and oversee social metrics to provide insight into social and content performance as well as brand empathy.

Customer relationship systems management

• Oversee CRM system development and management, and support a

roadmap for future CRM development.

• Work closely with CRM Channel Manager and the Conversion & CRM team on the

creation, implementation, optimisation and reporting on multichannel CRM

programmes which build an engaging customer journey whilst delivering an elevated,

consistent and efficient brand experience.

• Advocate the culture of effective customer relationship management and customer

communication excellence across the organisation.

Team management

• Lead and directly line manage the campaign, web, social and CRM areas to

deliver industry leading digital experience and which facilitates an increase in the

reputation and reach of the business

• Lead project and virtual teams, both within the digital marketing area

as well as broader cross-functional teams, ensuring the utilisation of

distinct expertise and embedding of shared goals.

• Develop team members through reviews, objectives and identify training

where required, motivating team members to deliver excellence in

everything they do.

• Anticipate future demands and identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities

and threats and formulate action plans where necessary.

Budgetary management

• Responsibility for planning and budgetary control of social, web and CRM systems

areas and budget planning and liaison with other key budget-holders

Liaison with key stakeholders

• Liaise with key stakeholders to build positive, collaborative relationships to ensure delivery of high quality digital marketing activity, at all levels from Executive to operational teams.

• Play an active role in any committees and working groups where digital marketing guidance is required. This may include working on projects and programmes of work

• Liaise with key stakeholders to devise and plan a comprehensive digital strategy

(including but not limited to web, content and CRM) and subsequent plans to

integrate into existing systems.

• Manage relationships with third party digital agencies and suppliers.


• Any other duties required by the Director which are commensurate with the grade of the post.

Knowledge Skills Experience Education-Head of Digital Marketing Job Description


• A proven track record of delivering strategic improvements to digital marketing

channels through data-driven optimisation, strategic thinking and effective

project/people management

• Significant direct operational experience of managing digital marketing platforms

• Ability to bring together experiences across websites, social media channels, SEO,

CRM platforms and other digital marketing tools as part of an omnichannel digital

marketing approach

• Proven ability in setting measurable objectives against digital channels which

indicate success and drive the work of broader marketing and communications

teams, ensuring these were embedded in channels using appropriate analytical


• Possess strong knowledge of digital marketing platforms and applications available

on the market, and be able to analyse and understand and assess requirements for

these platforms, including through tender processes

• Ability to source and manage suppliers and partners, develop and maintain good

working relationships to deliver requirements in accordance with budgetary

thresholds to achieve value for money and platform improvement

• Proven ability to communicate effectively, verbally and in written form, at all levels,

be it at board level, with colleagues or suppliers

• Proven leadership and management skills, including the ability to motivate and

develop teams whilst managing and monitoring complex workloads to ensure

priorities can be effectively delivered on

• Exceptional influencing skills, including the ability to work across teams and build

strong working relationships which drive impact of work

• Ability to balance a creative eye for detail with the ability to understand, interpret

and act upon data from a variety of sources

• Ability to balance strong long term vision and planning with the need to be agile and

respond to emerging trends

• Proven project and process management skills

• Demonstrable commitment to fairness and the principles of equality and inclusion


• Qualified member status of the CIM (or digital equivalent)

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