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Head of Wellbeing Job Description

Job Purpose-Head of Wellbeing Job Description

To lead in the development of an effective strategy and operational plan for the delivery of staff wellbeing activities, for the purposes of enhancing staff wellbeing, improving employee engagement, mental health / stress management, and supporting the success of the People and OD Strategy.

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To lead and enable the business and its people managers in developing an environment in which staff wellbeing and positive mental health is foundational and of paramount importance with particular regard to new ways of working, including hybrid working.

Key Responsibilities-Head of Wellbeing Job Description

The Head of Wellbeing will be expected to:

-Lead on the development of the business approach to staff wellbeing and positive mental health and work collaboratively with People & OD Directorate colleagues and stakeholders.

-Develop and deliver (managing external partners where necessary) a range of wellbeing learning and development programmes for staff and people managers. This will include the following:

o Lead the development, delivery and evaluation of a comprehensive staff wellbeing and positive mental health operational plan (informed by the business Strategy), designed to support the overall wellbeing approach and encompassing the full range of primary, secondary and tertiary wellbeing interventions.

o This will be achieved by engaging with key stakeholders providing information and feedback while maintaining sensitivities, boundaries, and confidentiality to high professional standards. The post holder will also establish and maintain new relationships across the business to ensure reach across different staff groups and levels to understand wellbeing needs and evaluate wellbeing activity. They will work closely with consultants and coordinators to determine wellbeing themes and development needs analysis. They will work collaboratively with colleagues within the wider People and OD Directorate and other training providers to maximise impact and facilitate change. They will develop and maintain productive relationships with external bodies to promote best-practice and cross institutional learning

Act as a source of guidance and advice on staff wellbeing and employee engagement, supporting colleagues across the People & OD Directorate in developing relevant plans and activities.

Contribute to projects related to improving and developing staff engagement and wellbeing, including the staff survey and actions arising from the people strategy. In particular focus on initiatives and projects that exploit the aspects of hybrid working that support employee wellbeing and positive mental health.

Develop and maintain a range of wellbeing resources available for staff and managers at the point of need:

o Provide specialist/professional recommendations to support informed decision making on wellbeing related matters.

o Design and deliver a variety of service support mechanisms (e.g., training resources and guides, promotional materials, website resources) to maximise service provision.

o Design and implement communication plans/campaigns to raise the profile of wellbeing activity, ensure clear communication and raise awareness on resources.

o Be responsible for professionalising and updating wellbeing website content drawing on other best-practice and evidence-based accessible online resources

Assess or conduct analysis, presenting results and putting forward recommendations through the provision of briefings, presentations, or written reports, to facilitate the interpretation of specific issues/problems and support decision making related to wellbeing provision.

Identify gaps or shortfalls in information and source additional related information. Monitor and maintain records/reports to meet both internal and external requirements.

Lead assigned wellbeing programmes and related development activities as part of the POD central offer or specific activities across Directorates; ensure the programmes reflects best practice, are relevant for the target audience, have demonstrable impact and is within budget

Working with the central team to create and position wellbeing as part of the core offering appropriately and maximise uptake and engagement.

Develop and determine appropriate workflow and activity scheduling to meet the wellbeing and resilience objectives.

Contribute to larger projects and work in partnership with other People & OD Directorate colleagues, as well as colleagues from Occupational Health and the Counselling Service to ensure a consistent and focused approach to wellbeing and engagement.

To support the achievement of project objectives and ensure widerpolicy alignment.

Management of wellbeing providers and partnerships including training providers and external services including the Employee Assistance Programme.

Management and development of a Wellbeing Champion network, providing support to engage and encourage the network and maximise its impact.

Develop and manage an approach to understanding wellbeing and positive mental health, including the provision of meaningful information and resulting action plans.

By personal example and quality of contribution, promoting a culture of continuous improvement relating to wellbeing.

Participate in PDR processes and take responsibility for identifying own professional and career development needs and maintaining Continuous Professional Development.

Any other duties commensurate with the role and grade as necessary.

Act as an ambassador to external stakeholders and interested parties.

Knowledge Skills Experience Education-Head of Wellbeing Job Description


Professionally qualified - either MCIPD or broad based business qualification supported by practical and significant experience in employee engagement and employee wellbeing and improving mental health.

A relevant wellbeing or mental health qualification.


Significant knowledge of wellbeing in an organisational context, including relevant enablers and detractors.

Significant experience of working in areas such as: wellbeing, mental health, occupational health and safety, equality, diversity and inclusion, learning and development, human resources, and/or psychology or similar.

Proven track record in developing, delivering and commissioning high quality learning interventions relating to wellbeing and engagement to varied audiences.

Experience of working in a large and complex organization and an understanding of the HE environment with an awareness of the specific wellbeing issues within the sector.

Excellent communication skills (written and oral), able to engage people with different backgrounds to present information clearly and explain complex issues to a range of audiences with varying levels of understanding.

Experience of managing a small team on a day to day basis.

Able to use relevant technical expertise and experience objectively and with integrity to build a track record of reliable, trustworthy and dependable source of HR support, guidance and delivery. Use of interactive and e-learning approaches.

Can provide examples of successful translation of strategy into operational requirements and change programmes, demonstrating high order planning and organisational skills.

Ability to analyse complex data to inform appropriate interventions.

Personal qualities

A positive, self-starter and motivated individual, with strong resilience skills and a proactive spirit.

Demonstrates sound analytical and creative and pragmatic problem-solving skills.

Can make timely and balanced decisions which consider the wider strategic picture and implications for the organisation.

Relationship management - able to build and sustain positive and productive working relationships with key staff and trainers, and deliver excellent customer service.

Able to demonstrate high ethical standard and a commitment to the values and associated behaviours. Champion equality, diversity and inclusion in all activities

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