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Health Care Assistant Job Description

Job Summary- Health Care Assistant Job Description

The post holder will have responsibility for assisting in the delivery of care and other nursing duties under the direct supervision of a registered nurse

Key responsibilities-Health Care Assistant Job Description


• Support a clinical environment that is patient and public focused

• To assist patients achieve physical, spiritual and psychological comfort

• To participate in the delivery of patient care and undertake clinical duties that are allocated and directly supervised by a registered nurse

• To share with the team leader information relating to the patient’s care

• Assist with the personal hygiene needs of the patient

• Assist with the nutritional needs of the patient, including feeding assistance where necessary and maintenance of fluid/ food charts

• To report any changes to the nurse in charge and respond to clinical emergencies

• To maintain and protect confidential information relating to patients

• To establish and maintain good working relationships with patients, visitors and all members of the multi disciplinary team.

• Aid in keeping a clean, safe environment for patients, visitors and staff

• Participate in the ordering and safe storage of supplies

• Aid in the cleaning and safe storage of various types of equipment

• Perform and document daily routine checks on various pieces of equipment in the unit, i.e. blood glucose monitoring machines, portable suction equipment , oxygen cylinders

• To understand the importance of infection control precautions and the implications of cross infection to patient care


• Assist with the set up and cleaning of pacing theatre

• Assist with the transport of patients both to and from the pacing theatre

• Liaise with other departments when necessary to facilitate pacing, e.g.

radiology and cardio-respiratory department

• Assist with the preparation of patients for angiography in the radiology department

• Assist with the set up and cleaning of the angiography suite.


• Successfully complete a locally approved orientation programme

• to always act in accordance with business policies and procedures

• To report any accidents/incidents to the nurse in charge.

• To attend and participate in unit meetings

• Undertake mandatory/statutory training sessions when required

• Answer telephones and convey messages/enquiries to the nurse in charge

• To participate in annual personal review.

The post involves the use of various pieces of equipment including a computer, photocopier and fax machine, the necessary training will be provided.

This job description is not a complete list of all the duties required for this post, it provides broad outlines only; the duties may change in response to the evolving needs of the service.


All staff are reminded that they are responsible as employees to take reasonable care of their own health and safety at work and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work. All staff are required to attend at least one fire lecture annually

Knowledge, Skills and Education-Health Care Assistant Job Description

Education & Training

Good educational background


2 in Health and Social Care

Knowledge & Understanding

Experience working with people

Work Experience

Personal Skills & Attributes



Communication skills

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