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Human Resources Manager Job Description

Job Purpose-Human Resources Manager Job Description

To lead the delivery of a responsive, high quality and strategic HR service to all areas of the business and lead the learning and development stream on the recruit, train and retain of the people strategy.

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Such development will be delivered through a variety of channels and methods, including on-line learning, provision through outsourced suppliers, and face to face delivery by the role holder.

The interventions will ensure that colleagues at all levels, particularly leaders and managers, have the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to deliver our strategic objectives and goals in a way that is commensurate with our values and equality, diversity and inclusion agenda.

This role works at both an operational and strategic level in developing and implementing best-fit HR strategies and practices, in support of the employer brand

Key Responsibilities-Human Resources Manager Job Description

1. Responsible for Career development pathways, ensuring it is clear what the requirements are at each key management level, aligned to the competency framework.

2. Develop and grow the internal mentoring and coaching programmes to encourage colleagues’ development and professional growth.

3. Lead the work on the competency framework, ensuring clarity of core skills and ensuring a range of learning opportunities to help individuals develop their capabilities in line with career aspirations.

4. Provide robust, innovative management learning portfolio, enabling both new and seasoned managers to constantly evolve in line with ambition.

5. Working with Head of Human Resources and department heads, diagnose organisational skill gaps and design creative development interventions to strengthen organisational capability.

6. Provide authoritative advice on all aspects of HR operations, and compliance matters for the relevant business areas, ensuring that all staff in the business area are expertly advised on HR-related matters. This will include influential operational and strategic advice, support and coaching to Senior Managers and direct operational advice to both managers and staff members in relation to group and individual employee relations issues e.g., discipline, grievance, sickness absence, family friendly policies, redundancy, UVKI responsibilities etc.

7. Management of HR involvement for business areas in transformational change; this may relate to restructuring, TUPE transfers, succession planning, employee engagement or major operational project work, undertaking detailed statistical analysis of HR management information for this purpose, providing managers with clear business information and appropriate change interventions.

8. Oversee formal HR processes and/or represent the business areas as a full panel member on committees up to appeal stage, such as grievance and disciplinary, redundancy, job evaluation, senior appointment, probations.

9. Develop a network of close working relationships with key stakeholders both within the business areas and across the University e.g., Business Finance Managers and Strategic Planning to ensure that planned HR interventions will ultimately be able to meet both the long-term direction of the business areas and goals.

Elements of the Role

Planning and Organising

• To work with foresight and in an independent manner, organising and prioritising their own work to deliver an effective and professional HR service.

• Work on short to medium term activities; to ensure that deadlines are met in a timely way (and to ensure that data is provided by the staff in support of recruitment campaigns, monthly payroll changes etc).

• The work will, by necessity, be driven by several internal and external pressures, and therefore, the post holder must be adept at changing plans to adapt to these changing circumstances.

• This operating environment, combined with the business area-wide service provision mean that the post holder must be skilled at planning a complex workload.

• They will deal with planned and unplanned tasks daily and be expected to prioritise tasks and the varying elements of the role without reference to line manager.

• They will develop plans and workflows to support and monitor the work coming into the office.

• Projects and tasks will be initiated by the HR Manager her/himself or by the Head of Human Resources . Work requests may also come via the heads of function and individual staff members.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

• They will be the first port of call in the business area for HR advice and therefore must demonstrate a good understanding of employment law and internal policies and processes to apply and interpret these on a frequent basis.

• Where actions are guided by employment law and internal policies and procedures, the post holder has the freedom to consider how these should be applied to achieve the desired outcomes.

• Often, the post holder is required to consider more complex problems, which require the post holder to exercise some personal initiative and judgement and to suggest solutions. In these cases, the post holder will be required to apply analytical, interpretative and constructive thinking, and discuss proposed solutions with the Head of Human Resources prior to acting.

• Errors in judgement regarding any advice they provide to staff may result in costly litigation and damage to the reputation of the organisation.

• They will lead in developing and rolling out new policies and procedures related to new and developing areas of work

Continuous Improvement

• Expected to support a culture of excellence, acting as a role model for process improvement for the business area; particularly about the methods used to gather, organise and disseminate large quantities of data/information.

• They will be conversant with new and forthcoming legislation and other changes to enable communication, delivery of training in their area.

• To contribute to projects, initiatives and developments d take ownership for effective delivery of their project objectives.

• They will design new internal processes in liaison with the Head of Human Resources. After approval, the post holder will carry forward process improvements which they have identified or which have been assigned to them, ensuring the operational processes continuously improve within their area of responsibility.


• The post holder is required to work proactively and without supervision and is accountable to the Head of Human Resources as line manager for professional HR-related matters.

• Matters involving major projects and strategy on a professional HR basis, will involve the Head of Human Resources.

• Decisions taken will impact upon the staffing processes and practices of the business area and thereby upon the success of the organisation.

• The role will have business area impact. Errors in judgement relating to HR processes could contribute to reputational damage and a poor interface with the wider HR team may negatively impact on the reputation of HR, and/or result in delays or inaccuracies in payroll processing.

• Errors in judgement regarding advice or action regarding employment cases may result in litigation, negative impact on employee engagement across the wider staff base along with reputational damage.

Knowledge Skills Experience and Education-Human Resources Manager Job Description

Qualifications and Professional Memberships

Degree, HND, NVQ 4 qualified in a relevant specialist subject, plus several years relevant experience


Significant vocational experience, demonstrating development through the acquisition of appropriate specialist knowledge and involvement in a series of progressively more demanding/relevant work/roles.

Graduate CIPD

  • Experience at a senior level in learning and development in a complex private or public sector organisation.

  • Experience of designing, delivering and facilitating learning and development initiatives and training courses.

  • Experience of working with and ensuring value for money from external providers of goods and services

  • Experience of using HR systems to manage and analyse staff data

  • Sound knowledge of employment law and its application in the Leisure and Hospitality sector

  • Extensive experience of developing and implementing development plans

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