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IT Data Manager job description

Job Summary IT Data Manager

To provide IT and data management support, develop and maintain the Intranet and data management solutions. To respond to requests for new data solutions/ databases and be responsible for managing webservers, database servers and Windows virtual servers. Will also be responsible for collection, analysis and submission of data where appropriate.

Main responsibilities-IT Data Manager job description

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Data & Activity Management

To respond to new work requests, providing expert advice on data capture and data requirements to form a solution

• To be able to design, test and redesign systems as necessary by utilising web servers, database servers, the virtual computer on which they reside.

• To support continued development, implementation and maintenance of IT systems.

• Act as an expert resource in the development and implementation of IT systems and ensure these are fit for purpose and comply with digital data storage and information governance policies

Develop excellent working relationships with all members of the team.

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Audit, Research and Development

• Ability to keep abreast of technological developments that underpin the management of data

• Advise on new ways of working that are consistent with the available and upcoming technologies.

• Ability to locate and utilise appropriate resources for research in order to find solutions to technical problems

• To be responsible for designated project work

• Develop the promotion and delivery of information services.

Training and Education

• Develop training and educational materials to implement best practice and supporting on-going training of teams

• To act as a resource for legislation and policy regarding data protection.

• To provide line management to relevant staff as needed.

Financial Responsibilities:

• Ensure that information technology solutions are implemented in a cost effective way that avoids unnecessary expenditure.

• Work within the context of the financial performance of the Organisation.

• At all times look for opportunities where information technology can reduce expenditure or maximise income.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience-IT Data Manager job description

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Education & Qualifications

Specialist knowledge and experience of Information Technology, acquired through an IT related degree, equivalent qualification or extensive experience in relevant field


  • Proven analytical skills for collecting, interpreting and analysing complex data.

  • Experience of working alone and as a member of a team.

  • Experience of setting and adhering to documentation standards

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Able to work with minimal supervision.

  • Relevant knowledge of current software & integration development tools, methodologies and standards.

  • Practical in-depth experience in the following areas:

  • Able to develop systems using MS SQL Server, Apache, MySQL, C#, ASP.NET, Windows Server

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