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Job Description Physiotherapist MSK

Role Summary-Job Description Physiotherapist MSK

Managing patients with highly specialised complex needs in a variety of care settings. Work collaboratively with other professions e.g. GPs, consultants, nurses and other AHPs to provide expert patient centred musculoskeletal care. Provide training, education, supervision and appraisal for staff and students. Contribute to the development of professional practice and the transformation and evaluation of service delivery. Support the research and innovation agenda through participating in research and development activity.

Lead aspects of service evaluation with an emphasis on value based care and complex audit within their area. Work in partnership with service users and staff to achieve improved health outcomes for service users and develop clinical pathways.

Main responsibilities-Job Description Physiotherapist MSK

Clinical Practice

Provide a quality service by practicing as a highly specialist autonomous practitioner across the musculoskeletal pathway including primary care first contact, self-referral, triage services, community or secondary care clinics.

To undertake comprehensive complex assessment, diagnosis and intervention, using investigative, analytical and advanced clinical reasoning skills to formulate individualised treatment programmes. This will include identifying and advising medical colleagues on the need for further intervention.

To request and act upon the results of investigations e.g. medical imaging and refer to other services as required e.g. surgical consultant. Formulate and present accurate client based reports to others. This will include discharge summaries to referring agent including advice on future management.

Undertake specialist treatment interventions utilising highly developed manual skills, in depth knowledge of pain & psychological sciences, the physiology of exercise and advanced physiotherapy skills.

Provide effective high level communication this will include complex and sensitive clinical and managerial information and may include advising other professionals. Involve patients, relatives and carers in the planning of treatment programmes including overcoming barriers to communication, gaining consent for assessment and interventions and providing advice and education.

Undertake evidence based audits to assist with service delivery and own clinical practice.

Participate in the critical analysis of research outcomes and or relevant literature in order to maintain expert levels of clinical knowledge and practice. Where required and in line with Health Board policies deliver treatment programmes which may include prescribing medication and injection therapy.

To communicate complex information with other health and social care professionals and/ or the 3rd sector to support pathway of care.

Provide an expert resource as required, including, reviewing and implementation of new clinical service models.

Participate with the multi-disciplinary/ agency team to provide a coordinated approach to management of patient’s care.

Manage clinical risk within own caseload and working with colleagues manage risk within specific area e.g. primary care.

Fulfil the regulatory requirements for practice as set out by the Health and Care Professions Council. Maintain personal and team standards with regard to clinical documentation ensuring this is in line with Health and Care Professions Council and the organisation Standards of Practice.

Management and Leadership

Contribute to the development of standards and implementation for physiotherapy practitioners in the Health Board. This will include contribution to the development of guidance, protocols and pathways of care that span primary, community and secondary care.

Participate in the work of clinical/ professional practice groups in line with the needs of the service.

Demonstrate leadership skills that can span different pathway areas e.g. working as part of a primary care team in a GP practice, an MDT team such as CMATS in a community setting, secondary care consultant outpatient clinics, and core MSK physiotherapy.

Support department and pathways meetings and lead assigned work plans.

Work collaboratively with physiotherapy practitioners both within Health Board and external agencies in all fields of practice including undertaking delegated operational responsibility duties where required.

Provide expert advice regarding specialist field both inside and outside the organisation.

Provide expert opinion and support to staff in the management of complex patient presentations.

Influence the care provided by other Health and Social Care professions through provision of specialist guidance and involvement in formal teaching.

Take a proactive role in the clinical leadership and supervision of staff within specialist area. This may include supervising/mentoring MDT staff members and will include participating as a supervisee.

Network/ benchmark externally (locally, regionally and nationally) regarding specialist service.

Manage the administrative functions relating to the referral, treatment and discharge processes for the referral. This includes statistical data from own caseload and wider service to produce performance measurement and monitoring.

Manage working patterns in line with requirements and agreements reached regarding performance management, in their area.

Assist in the recruitment process for the wider MSK service.

Contribute to multidisciplinary team building within the GP practice and policy development where appropriate, including the negotiation of collaborative working arrangements.

Represent the physiotherapy service in service planning as required. Ensure co-ordination of clinical area including clinical prioritisation based on clinical risk.

Working with colleagues to identify clinical priorities and service development needs. Advise line manager on issues of service delivery including shortfalls, service pressures, working environment and equipment requirements.

In conjunction with colleagues, ensure the effective use of all resources. Take the delegated lead on the development of a particular team objective or project.

Demonstrate negotiation skills and management of conflict including investigating concerns and ensuring when appropriate lessons are learnt.

Demonstrate awareness and adherence to service objectives / plan. Support the development, implementation and analysis of outcome measures within the specialty.

Research and Development

To initiate and undertake audit and research projects into specific areas of clinical practice using a range of methodologies to enhance service delivery.

To develop and implement clinical policies, protocols and guidelines within specialty within the framework of clinical governance, evidence based medicine and best practice.

To contribute to the development of musculoskeletal protocols and care pathways, referring to local, national, professional guidance and strategy.

Support the development, implementation and analysis of outcome and experience measures for the service and ensure dissemination of findings through a variety of methods such as publishing articles and presentation at conferences.


Responsible for own continuous professional development through the use of appropriate learning opportunities and maintain portfolio.

This includes self-education and reflective 5 practice at appropriate learning events, which may include in-service training post graduate training, peer review in order to maintain or update knowledge as agreed in your personal development plan.

Participate in the appraisal system as both appraiser/ appraise and be responsible for fulfilling your agreed objectives and personal development plan.

Be responsible for completion of mandatory training as required by the Health Board and job role.

Participate in MDT training, both providing training and receiving training to develop own skills and those of the MDT in providing patient centred prudent care.

Take a key role in educating, teaching, supervising and assessing performance of delegated staff. This includes work based learning and presentations.

Actively participate in in-service training through the development and delivery of presentations and teaching.

Ensure maintenance of training records, according to Health Board requirements

Knowledge Skills Experience Education-Job Description Physiotherapist MSK


  • Diploma/ Degree in physiotherapy HCPC registration.

  • Advanced accredited training at masters level or equivalent

  • Accredited post graduate specialist courses/ training relevant to role.


  • Significant post-graduate experience relevant to specialty

  • Significant experience managing a complex caseload working within relevant specialty Experience in multiagency team working within specialist area

  • Evidence of supporting clinical governance requirements including codes of conduct Leadership of relevant networks/ practice groups

  • Experience in audit and service evaluation

  • Experience in research

  • Experience in staff development including education

  • Experience in supervision

  • Experience in presenting to a range of audiences


  • Proven advanced clinical practice and clinical reasoning skills to specialist level

  • Possess highly developed visual acuity, perceptual and physical skills

  • Ability to plan, prioritise and delegate own and others workload

  • Ability to work effectively within a team and independently

  • Possess excellent verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills to all stakeholders including patients

  • Possess effective organisational skills

  • Ability to maintain accurate and legible clinical records and statistical information Skilled in unpredictable situations

  • Ability to lead change Good interpersonal skills

  • Self-directed learner

  • Ability in coaching, mentoring, supervising and training

  • Possess motivational and reassurance skills

  • Possesses teaching skills & ability to present to large audiences

  • Satisfactory IM&T Skills

Personal Qualities

  • Professional confidence & reliable attitude to work

  • Able to cope under pressure and adapt work patterns when the situation is unpredictable

  • Commitment, enthusiastic and self-motivated

  • Ability to maintain high levels of concentration, alertness and awareness in unpredictable environments

  • Ability to emotionally adapt and demonstrate empathy and negotiation skills Adaptive team player with ability to motivate and respectful to others

  • Ability to set priorities and deliver and evaluate performance outcomes

  • Ability to reflect on own performance

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