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Manager Job Description Business

Job Summary Manager Job Description Business

To lead a team to support the delivery of high-level initiatives that will advance the business towards its strategic vision.

Coordinate and contribute to annual businessplanning processes. To manage and analyse complex data to inform the planning and prioritisation, providing written reports and data sets to evidence conclusions

Provide data, analytics and insight to support business planning and decision making, monitoring of performance and statutory reporting.

Manage the initiation, planning and execution of multiple strategic projects that contribute to the development of the business in line with Strategy, working in partnership with senior colleagues

Act as an informed adviser on future strategic direction by positively contributing to planning of business critical activities.

Manage the delivery of support operations including oversight of professional services delivery based on business needs

Key Accountabilities-Manager Job Description Business

1.Strategic Priorities and Relationship Management

Act as an informed adviser on future strategic direction by positively contributing to planning of business critical activities.

Coordinate and contribute to annual business planning processes

Have an in depth understanding of the business strategy, plans and priorities, and use specialist knowledge to identify and make recommendations on areas for future focus.

Maintain internal and external relationships in order to keep knowledge current, and work collaboratively to develop and deliver mechanisms to regularly monitor feedback from a wide range of stakeholder groups.

Build and maintain strong links with relevant internal and external stakeholders and bodies, focussing on the quality of customer experience

2.Data,analytics and insight

Provide data,analytics and insight to support business planning and decision making, monitoring of performance and statutory reporting.

Manage and analyse data to assess complex situations, support strategic initiatives, and to inform business and project planning, prioritisation and delivery. Provide high level written reports to evidence conclusions. Work with Board members to understand and analyse management information to inform ideas for the future strategic development.

Provide management information, interpretation, and analysis in relation to the business lifecycle.

Present innovative and relevant reports that analyse information, identify trends and make recommendations. Present findings and recommendations to appropriate committees (eg Finance) and groups.

Lead on the delivery of a diverse range of statistical reports and analyses from data for use in decision making processes. Interrogation of a range of data sets to identify key insights and learnings to support evidenced based decision making.

Work collaboratively and innovatively to improve the quality and accessibility of management information.

3.Managing Projects

Manage the initiation, planning and execution of multiple projects that contribute to the advancement and development of the business in line with strategy.

Manage multiple projects concurrently to facilitate major service/policy/operational changes in line with strategy and objectives.

Oversee, allocate and monitor project budgets of varying amounts and contribute to the annual budget setting process, ensuring the effective use of resource to deliver strategic aims.

Contribute to project scoping, planning and structuring, involving colleagues appropriately to define realistic project scope and timescales.

Innovate and then lead on the implementation of creative solutions to problems to ensure projects deliver high quality outputs that enhance customer experience.

Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders proactively managing conflict or barriers to success where required, to enable the successful delivery leading to positive change.

Manage the transition of strategic projects to business-as-usual activity, ensuring mechanisms for monitoring impact are established.

4. Line Management and collaborative working

Provide leadership and management of staff, including manging workload and undertaking relevant HR processes, to support the achievement of priorities.

Lead, develop and implement innovative systems and processes to enhance sustainability of resources to accommodate growth and increase cost recovery

Work actively and collaboratively with colleagues from other departments to deliver a cohesive, integrated and complementary support service, taking opportunities to improve communications, deliver joined-up solutions and influence strategic decision-making.

5. Support School compliance with Health & Safety

Any other duties as allocated by the line manager following consultation with the postholder.

Knowledge Experience Qualifications-Manager Job Description Business


  • Skill level equivalent to achievement of a professional qualification or postgraduate degree in business or financial management

  • A high level of numeracy and experience of producing and analysing complex statistical data from multiple sources

  • Significant experience of working with different types of data, synthesising information from various sources to form a comprehensive and concise picture, of ensuring data quality and accuracy and using business intelligence tools e.g.PowerBI, Alteryx

  • Proven project management experience

  • Experience of defining and planning the implementation of business change initiatives

  • Excellent IT skills,including standard Microsoft Office packages and confidence working with new technologies

Planning and organising

• Proven ability to plan and manage major and complex new projects ensuring they complement broader organisational strategy

• Proven ability to manage conflicting priorites in a high profile environment

• Proven ability to manage and prioritise own work, work of different teams and organisational goals simultaneously

• Proven ability to set and meet measurable short, medium and long term goals for yourself, your team and the wider team

• Proactive and responsive approach to work tasks or requests

Problem solving and initiative

• Proven ability to identify broad trends to assess deep-rooted and complex issues

• Proven ability to apply creativity and originality in modifying existing approaches to resolve complex problems

• Proven ability to make decisions and own these decisions with confidence, authority and ultimate responsibility

• Proven ability to use rigorous data collection and analysis to inform decision making and trouble shoot problems effectively

• Proven ability to identify development needs in department and apply creative solutions

• Proven ability to respond proactively to events to achieve goals and take hard decisions, often in pressurised situations where all the facts are not yet known

• Self-sufficient, capable of target setting and monitoring, actively seeking information from internal or external sources as required

Management and teamwork

• Proven experience of managing a successful team

• Proven ability to manage team dynamics, ensuring any potential for conflict is managed effectively

• Proven ability to formulate development plans for own staff to meet current and future skill needs

• Proven track record of leading diverse project teams

• Proven ability to provide expert guidance and advice to colleagues to resolve complex problems

• Team player, able to work collaboratively with others to disseminate and share

knowledge and information

• Proven ability to understand a wide range of new information quickly and accurately

• Proven ability to work well with people from diverse backgrounds, perspectives and approaches

• Motivational, with the ability to engage stakeholders in direction of work

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