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Marketing Manager Job Description

Job Purpose-Marketing Manager Job Description

The Marketing Manager will be responsible for strategic development and promotion of all aspects of a programme of work. They will deliver the promotion and successful reach of a project.

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The Marketing Manager will be responsible for delivering optimum exposure for products, events,

public facing performances and other activity.

They will be responsible for day to day

administrative process including maintaining up to date customer and audience data and using this to review, analyse and adapt impact and reach.

In partnership with a Director, agreeing project marketing budgets and maintaining financial systems and detailed records as appropriate.

The post is responsible for delivering an effective communications and promotions strategy across social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They will ensure the website is constantly up to date and refreshed, managing external design partners, leading content creation and preparing marketing briefings for staff and stakeholders.

Main Duties and Responsibilities-Marketing Manager Job Description

1. To play a key role in the project team, planning, designing, and delivering engagement strategies for the project and its events and activities. Ensuring that activities reach a wide and developing audience and that all marketing and communications reflect the core goals and ethos of the business.

2. The Marketing Manager will work with the Director to design and pilot a series of

new projects that respond to the needs of the sector. They will work alongside

analysts, to play a key role in the development and delivery of new products. They will share skills and knowledge with the wider business.

3. Responsible for leading, planning and managing the efficient design and print,

distribution and dissemination of all marketing materials, through a close and

effective managerial relationship with external design partners.

4. Responsible for leading, planning and managing the efficient design and maintenance of the website, ensuring an active and up to date web presence including content creation and some video and audio editing.

5. To ensure that the relationship with various audiences is well managed and

audience data is maintained and recorded in line with current policy and legislation.

6. To be the first point of contact for all public enquiries, ensuring social media messages and other forms of communication are well managed, swiftly responded to and that support is offered in an appropriate and timely manner.

7. To create, manage and maintain effective marketing strategies across all social media

platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

8. Designing and distributing monthly newsletters, using Mail Chimp or similar.

9. To ensure that audience data and feedback is captured, analysed and recorded for

dissemination. Creating bespoke marketing and reach reports as required for the business.

10.To play an active role in networking and attendance at external events to ensure that the business is kept up to date with current developments in marketing strategies and audience development initiatives.

11.To deliver an effective PR strategy, developing and maintaining excellent

relationships with press contacts, writing and distributing press releases and briefing

journalists, ensuring the PR presence remains strong and strategic

12.To support and promote effective recruitment and training,

including recruiting and line-managing marketing interns.

13.Supporting internal communications and processes, working with the Director to

ensure that stakeholders are kept up to date and provided with information in a timely manner, designing and implementing new processes as needed and agreed.

14.To assist the Director in maintaining accurate financial reporting including liaising with partners about invoicing.

15.To maintain a current awareness of marketing best practice in evaluation and documentation.

16. This document outlines the duties required at the current time to indicate the level of responsibility. It is not a comprehensive or exhaustive list and may vary to include other reasonable requests as directed by management which do not change the

general character of the job or the level of responsibility entailed.

Knowledge Experience Skiulls and Education-Marketing Manager Job Description


• A Level, HND qualification, equivalent qualification, equivalent work experience

Experience, Skills and Knowledge

• At least 3 years professional employment in marketing

• Track record of developing projects in partnership with team members, and implementing new and successful marketing and communications campaigns

• Knowledgeable about how to reach different audiences and promote a wide variety of work, including understanding of the importance of Equalities, Diversity and Inclusion, and experience of delivering successful strategies that ensure reach to a wide variety of people, and/ or specific target audiences

• Establishing new systems and maintaining data and CRM systems

• Management of thorough data collection and monitoring

• Commissioning and Management of external partners including design, website management, photographers and film makers.

• Graphic Design Skills and strong design and publicity image aesthetics

• Experience of writing press releases and achieving positive press and PR coverage

• Excellent computer literacy and familiar with relevant digital design, web design and

marketing software

• Excellent writing, language and proof-reading skills

• Report writing for funders and partners

• Good working knowledge of GDPR

• Understanding of best practice in accessibility for print and digital marketing

• Championing stories not in the cultural mainstream

Personal Attributes

• Great at working in a team, loves making room for new voices, ideas and opinions, and responding to exciting new challenges while playing a key role in supporting others to develop and deliver.

• Confident in management and decision making

• Gets stuff done; able to work independently and make appropriate decisions to keep projects moving.

• Good judgment and strong inter-personal skills in working with a wide variety of people

• An advocate for the use of Easy English / simple language, and ensuring accessibility across all forms of communication

• Organised and methodical with the ability to multi-task across several projects, and deliver on time

• Clear and courteous communicator, willing to question and challenge, and to be challenged

• Innovation and creative thinking

• Flexible and adaptable to changing demands and new challenges

• Ability to occasionally work unusual hours, in line with the demands of the Post and the project

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