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Sales Manager FMCG job description

Job Summary Sales Manager FMCG job description

To successfully increase the distribution and sales of branded products through the Natural, Mass Market, Specialty Food and Warehouse Club classes of trade.

Main responsibilities-Sales Manager job description-FMCG

• Maintain consistent contact and provide sales and service to all customers (retailers and distributors) in your specific assigned region.

• Assist the NSM with promotional ideas to increase business within the region.

• Assist in managing the broker network in your region with the NSM.

• Achieve sales revenue numbers, budget & profit goals for your assigned region.

• Assist in managing quarterly/annual sales budgets and objectives within your region.

• Understand and utilize syndicated data to identify sales opportunities and develop sales presentations for assigned region.

• Provide feedback to management from key retail and distributor customers.

• Make regularly scheduled sales calls on all major customers within your region.

• Attend trade shows as required to benefit the business.


• Communications Management:

o Regular communications of sales call and results to NSM, Retail Brokers, and internal teams.

o Provide monthly sales reports, monthly expense reports, and any assigned reports to National Sales Manager in a timely manner.

o Regular contact with Retailers, Brokers and Distributors to ensure a seamless continuity of efforts.

• Business Planning:

o Execute the sales volume numbers, trade spending objectives and any other goals given by the NSM.

o Specific interaction with marketing – i.e. –Sales Support Materials, Food Shows, etc.

o Identify and track all industry trends and issues – i.e. – natural and retail grocery growth, distributor changes, opportunities, segment variations, etc. Recommend an expedient/appropriate action plan to the National Sales Manager.

• Results Tracking & Management:

o Implement all tracking/reporting tools, in conjunction with Finance, Customer Service, etc.

o Assist in managing your regional budget by sku and trade spending for all brands.

o Track and report all competitive activity.

Field Related Duties:

• Broker Management - Educate, motivate and monitor the broker sales force. Convey all company directives, objectives and philosophies. Work with the sales force in training sessions, market tours, store sets /resets, sales calls and shows. Educate them on the selling points of our products, budgetary constraints and how to most effectively merchandise the products.

• Distributor Management – Educate the distributor sales force through table top shows, work with their sales managers to convey company objectives, and set up sales programs with the buyers utilizing promotional windows and mdf, which also helps with forecasting figures for production. Perform store sets/resets with field reps and go on sales calls with the account managers in order to more efficiently execute speed to shelf.

• Market Tours – Perform store audits to ascertain our distribution and competitive status. Understand what the local selling environments are for our category/products. Recommend and/or participate in store sets/resets and build relationship at store level. Monitor the effectiveness of implementation of sales programs.

• Headquarter Responsibilities – Time spent in front of the decision makers developing strong partnerships. Present brand advantages, competitive weaknesses and schematic suggestions. Develop sales plans highlighting priority items while working within the allotted budget. Instill confidence utilizing integrity, and a strong level of commitment.

• Trade Shows – Attend Regional and National shows to present our items in an interactive environment. Educate customers and also sales reps on the advantages of our brands. Show support for the distributors and work alongside the broker sales force, while getting

to know the decision makers at the account level.

• Brand Awareness – Understand the philosophy and objectives within a dynamic environment. Know priority skus, selling points, competitive advantages, merchandising standards, what tools are available to help sell the products and the processes that are involved to implement these tools.

• Data Analysis – Absorb information from syndicated data (SPINS, Nielsen). Be able to assess market conditions and identify areas of improvement. Utilize internal sales programs for performance and budgeting. Present these numbers in a clear, concise fashion for sales calls, sales training or HQ requests.

• Forecasting - Utilizing information from data analysis, coupled with information on the brands, promotions, budgets and objectives, assist NSM to develop forecasts by item/by account/by month. Incorporate the brokers and distributors into the process through development of sales programs.

• Budget Management – Understand what budgetary goals of company are and work within allotted scope with regard to trade spending, slotting, etc. when developing sales programs to drive incremental volume or new distribution. Must monitor business conditions and be able to keep expenditures in line up with volume.

• Sales Presentations – Develop effective presentations that outline current market conditions, market trends, customer needs and our competitive advantages. Utilize data analysis, store audits and any relevant information that can be gleaned from broker/distributor reps, store personnel or industry peers.

• Other General Duties – To undertake any other duties as may be determined by the National Sales Manager, which are commensurate with the nature and grade of the post.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities-Sales Manager job description-FMCG

A bachelor’s degree and five (5) years of experience in distribution and sales of branded products

Computer experience (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Internet)

Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, and organizational skills

Effective oral and written communications

Ability to multi-task, research and analyze different broker, distribution and retail situations

Must have the ability to make recommendations to effectively resolve problems or issues, by using judgment that is consistent with company

Must be willing and able to travel extensively.

This position requires the candidate to work as part of the sales team. Teamwork, excellent business acumen and independent judgment is required.

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