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Social Media Manager Job Description

Job Summary-Social Media Manager Job Description

The Social Media Manager is the editorial lead for social media accounts, responsible for delivering a coherent, consistent social media experience for audiences ensuring each account delivers on the agreed social strategy, maximises engaged reach with the account's target audiences, delivers content of the highest creative quality, and drives traffic around the business portfolio.

Key Responsibilities -Social Media Manager Job Description


• Developing the strategic creative development of social media campaigns, working closely with marketing, creative, media planning and digital production teams.

• Work with key stakeholders to develop and deliver the social media

strategy for the nominated social media accounts, in line with the overarching social and brand strategies.

• Work closely with budget holders, and digital production teams on significant

digital commissions to guide any planned social activity.

• Work with marketing to turn briefs into digital/social activation.

• Produce creative briefs for internal and external digital production teams employed to develop social media campaigns and to lead this work from end-to-end ensuring collaborative relationships between multiple stakeholders.

• Advocate for innovation and monitor external trends and developments in the world of digital and social media, maintaining industry links, utilising new technological approaches and staying abreast of competitor activity and feeding in ideas for innovation and continued best practice via regular reporting.

• Provide creative planning and idea generation for social media content and campaigns, working with other relevant social roles.


• Produce digital assets (images, gifs, video) that can be used across social media platforms, using relevant audio/video hardware, native social platform tools and relevant multimedia software (such as Adobe CS).

• Work closely with digital production teams to ensure optimised assets are produced for the social accounts.

• Optimise digital assets for social, including editing aspect ratio and dimensions, adding captions, transitions, motion graphics, etc.

• Produce copy that is optimised for social platforms and formats, in line with the account’s approved style guide and tone of voice.

• Advise digital production teams and external suppliers on delivery of

assets required for the social media accounts.

• Produce/host content for live broadcasts working with relevant production, editorial and/or support roles


• Act as the editorial lead for one or more social media account, making editorial decisions and escalating when necessary.

• Create a clear tone of voice, look and feel style guide for the account's social media activity that Executives and relevant digital production teams can implement to

ensure creative consistency of look, image and identity in this space.

• Lead social creative campaigns, liaising with digital production, media engagement and third parties as required and ensuring that all work is aligned with relevant strategies and production plans.

• Manage/guide the account’s editorial plan, including creating/curating, scheduling and targeting content, ensuring that it supports both the overarching strategic priorities and meets audience needs.

• Ensure editorial content supports the account's brand values and is consistent with the agreed editorial style and tone.

• Make use of social media platforms and tools to source, edit and curate social content.

• Manage any out of hours editorial issues that arise, and escalate as required.

• Support the management generating, curating and owning conversations on the channel’s social media accounts in line with strategy.

• Engage with influencers and brands to drive social engagement.

• Identify key on-screen and online influencers on social media to enrich the channel’s social conversations and grow reach.

• Work closely with Marketing Managers to ensure the off-air paid for digital advertising campaigns are aligned with social media activity.

• Work closely with communications and publicity teams to ensure timely release of information.

• Collaborate with internal and external social account teams to ensure that strategy and editorial plans are aligned, and engaged reach is maximised..

• Identify key on-screen and online influencers on social media to enrich the channel’s social conversations and grow reach.


• Work with relevant social media measurement teams to agree tracking and evaluation metrics to monitor performance and to provide recommendations to inform future planning, strategy development and activity.

• Review performance of the social media accounts and report regularly in to senior stakeholders as required.

• Coordinate information and reports for the team on a regular basis

• Use social listening/measurement/insight tools and dashboards to generate and share social data with relevant stakeholder

• Work closely with social media analysts and planners to provide insight on social media activity performance.

• Agree budget allocation for social activity with budget holders, and be responsible for ensuring campaigns are delivered within budgets, agreed timeframes and

quality standards, working with external and in-house suppliers.

Knowledge, skills, training and experience-Social Media Manager Job Description


• A record of working with major brands on social media, developing and delivering social media strategies, creating content and managing communities, using analytics to drive decision making.

• An understanding of media production commissioning processes.

• Awareness of product management, coding and design practices.

• Experience delivering integrated social media projects alongside broadcast output.

• Experience working with new and emerging technologies and tools to develop social media content.

• Leadership and influencing skills to drive forward new initiatives and influence strategic thinking at senior levels.

• An established networker in the social media space who is able to engage and influence creative individuals.

• Good planning and organising skills across several areas of work, reacting positively to changes and conflicting priorities.

• Ability to make the most efficient use of resources and operate within financial and other

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