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Software Engineer Job Description Site Reliability

Job Summary-Software Engineer Job Description Site Reliability

Software Engineer Job Description site reliability responsible for developing processes, tooling, and services to increase reliability through observability, proactive collaboration,and support.

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This role helps developers to build reliable products and services through collaboration and best engineering practices.

Key Responsibilites- Software Engineer Job Description Site Reliability

-advocate for Software Reliability Engineering principles and practices

-provide metrics visualisation, release and deployment tooling, automation, secrets storage, SLI/SLO & error budget facilitation

-develop and share the concept of Site Reliability Engineering as a discipline; incorporating aspects of software engineering and applying them to infrastructure and operational problems at scale

-assist product teams to become production ready, treating operational concerns as integral to the development process.

-use tooling which monitors systems, generating observable metrics leading to ways to improve internal and audience facing systems.

-consult with product owners and development teams to support their goals.

-seek to understand complex technical problems including contributing in blameless post mortems and swarming.

-code is developed to be easily maintainable, supportable, and minimises risk.

Knowledge Kills and Experience-Software Engineer Job Description Site Reliability

-write code in languages such as Go, Java, JavaScript (including Node), Python, and Typescript to develop and support cloud systems and services at scale

-should have a growth mindset, continuously looking to learn new software skills and technologies

-work is with Linux/Unix operating systems, including containers.

-reduce repetitive work (toil) through the automation of tasks.

-respond to problems and failures with an open and blameless approach and treat these as chances to improve.

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