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Tester Job Description

Job Summary-Tester Job Description

The tester plays a key role in product design and development and is responsible for writing, executing and reporting on tests. The tester provides insight into the state of a product throughout development and deployment.

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Key responsibilities and accountabilities-Tester Job Description

• Writing and executing functional tests and carrying out exploratory testing to assess product performance.

• Support, implement and help shape the test approach.

• Planning, estimating and reporting test activities.

• Contributing to test process and procedural improvements.

• Raising descriptive, concise and useful defect reports.

• Leading defect triage meetings with other disciplines.

• Troubleshooting– finding critical bugs or verifying reported issues, identifying their underlying cause and seeing them through to resolution liaising with other teams where appropriate.

• Supporting change through experimenting and analysis to improve processes.

• Mentoring junior team members.

• Working with other test roles and development teams to ensure the spread of good practices and sharing of knowledge.

• Provide support in tool evaluations and selections.

• Communicating status information and issues to a variety of stakeholders, adapting

appropriately depending on the audience.

• Working with product teams and stakeholders to ensure that each feature is clearly understood before implementation, validated early and throughout implementation, and verified when implementation is complete.

• Learn from and contribute to the test community

Knowledge, skills, training and experience-Tester Job Description


• Experience of and ability to design and execute effective tests

• Evidence planning, executing functional, systems and regression test.

• Experience applying an analytical and detail-orientated approach to problem solving and solution design.

• Experience implementing continuous improvement.

• An aptitude for learning new technologies and ways of working.

• Ability to input and support in creation, adaptation and execution of effective test strategies.

• Ability to think creatively, problem solve and innovate.

• Good written and spoken communications skills.

• Work closely and communicate clearly within cross-functional teams.

• Ability to experiment, analyse and continually improve test practices.

• Good understanding of test automation and its value within agile delivery.

• Good written and spoken communication skills.

• Working knowledge of product/defect/test case management systems.

• An appreciation of good user-experience and able to be the users/audience advocate.

• Good understanding of usability and accessibility of applications and products.


• Information Systems Examinations Board (ISEB), International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) or Certified Agile Tester certification..

• Relevant degree

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